Ticketmaster Sport is delighted to announce that Chris Gratton has been recently promoted to Managing Director UK. Chris has worked tirelessly over the last two and a half years to move the business forward in terms of technological capabilities, building a talented team and driving client relationships.

Chris came to Ticketmaster Sport with a wealth of knowledge from international sport and is fully behind the mission to be a global company with local knowledge – able to support the sports industry as a whole and all types of clubs in the UK. Ticketmaster Sport’s objective is to gather communities around the passion of sport no matter whether it is football, rugby or cricket, a Premier League or a regional club.

“We exist to provide a seamless connection between sports and their fans. The ticket is the fan’s key, the stadium is their home. We connect the two.”

Chris Gratton, Managing Director UK, Ticketmaster Sport

Chris has been instrumental in driving forward new digital capabilities at Ticketmaster Sport including 3D Virtual Venue and the new away ticketing technology.

“We strive to develop technology that enables our clients to engage more meaningfully with their fans as well as supporting venues with their digital transformation. For example, away ticketing makes venues 100% digital and reduces the need for home teams to print 1000s of tickets for away fans. It is a fantastic project that makes a material difference to our clients in an area that has traditionally been a drain on resources.”

Ticketmaster Sport are looking forward to the coming years with Chris at the helm. His passion for sport and technology will ensure Ticketmaster Sport are in a strong position for future growth.