Case study: Ticketmaster clubs unlock fully digital Away Ticketing

Away Ticket fulfilment has traditionally been a challenge, common up and down the country in ticket offices far and wide.

Thanks to Ticketmaster’s away digital ticketing technology where all tickets are sold and fulfilled completely digitally, this headache is now a thing of the past for clients working with Ticketmaster.

After successfully trialling the technology at Oxford United vs Lincoln City as well as Peterborough F.C vs Lincoln City over the summer this is now being rolled out across more and more clubs throughout the EFL and beyond. 

Michael Hardware, Client Account Manager at Ticketmaster Sport
Rob Noble, Head of Supporters Services, Lincoln F.C. explained after the trial against Blackburn F.C.

Benefits for the Home Club:

  • Tickets are fully digital for all fans
  • Physical tickets are no longer necessary
  • Saves time and resource

Benefits for the Away Club:

  • No fulfilment or returns of physical stock
  • Each club can turn on mobile wallets
  • Saves time and resource

“Something we have been waiting for, This game was so easy from a ticket office point of view. No printing, No postage and on the day no issues at all.”

Gem Olive, Head of Ticketing at Oxford United F.C. commented during the trial against Lincoln F.C.

“This has to be the way forward for selling away tickets. It saves time, money and labour while also making it easier for the supporter purchasing the tickets. There was no need to print thousands of tickets in advance, we had no duplicate tickets at all to deal with and absolutely no collections.”

Chris Brewer, Head of Media and Ticketing, Peterborough F.C

For more information on away digital ticketing you can get in touch with your Client Account Manager or get in touch to arrange a demo.