The Longines Luhmühlen Horse Trials has cemented itself as an integral part of both equestrian history and German culture with over six decades of competitions in Luhmühlen. One of only six CCI5* horse trials globally, the Luhmühlen Horse Trials welcomes thousands of equestrian fans daily to its grounds over the four-day competition. The event stands out in the world of equestrian sports for its triathlon-style format, where rider and horse must excel in three disciplines: dressage, cross country, and show jumping. 

Julia Otto, Director of Events at Turniergesellschaft (TGL), has been at the helm of this prestigious event for over two decades. With Ticketmaster, Julia is able to take the reins and enable a seamless event-day experience for their growing fan base!

Countdown to the Big Competition

The ticket sales cycle begins in November, over six months before the first event day, allowing Julia to lead cross-team collaboration in phases. Starting with event creation, her Ticketmaster account representative builds out events in TM1 Access, applying Julia’s program plan for every ticket section and event session. 

Once the events are built and live, TGL works with Ticketmaster’s marketing services team to promote the trials and convert ticket buyers through digital media campaigns. The team refines content and messaging across sales pages and on-sale marketing campaigns to help fans discover event information. 

Social media is a particularly effective medium for event awareness and marketing as TGL promotes its events on both its own and Ticketmaster’s profiles. Promoting the Trials this way helps Otto’s team extend their event’s reach and identify new and younger equestrian fans where they are – a strategy paramount to growing event attendance with each passing year.

“Partnering with Ticketmaster’s marketing team allows us to target potential attendees who have shown interest in attending other outdoor shows and sporting events.”

Julia Otto, Director of Events at Turniergesellschaft

In the weeks leading up to the Luhmühlen Horse Trials, Otto and her account team continue to employ and adjust their sales strategy with the ultimate goal of growing attendance year-over-year, while providing a stellar fan experience.

Let the Trials Begin

The Longines Luhmühlen Horse Trials unfold as a multi-day spectacle that includes various stages of competition. Julia credits the unique nature of the sport with providing such a special experience for attendees.

“This tradition in Luhmühlen has been a part of our culture for over 60 years, and we are tasked with making each year’s trials better and better for all fans.”

Julia Otto, Director of Events at Turniergesällschaft

Nevertheless, understanding attendance trends and audience demographics is just as crucial to future growth as delivering an exceptional event day. Real-time attendance tracking and insights are reviewed by the TGL team on event day thanks to Ticketmaster’s TM1 Access. Digital ticketing is becoming the new norm for trial goers as entry scans grew from just 13% of attendees in 2017 to 50% in 2023. 

TM1 Access also lets Julia know who is attending her events, which entry gates receive the most foot traffic and what peak attendance times are. Otto applies these learnings to post-event analysis to understand the performance of all their planning. This also creates a starting point for next year’s event strategy through marketing efforts and even engaging sponsors.

The Longines Luhmühlen Horse Trials continue to be an integral part of equestrian culture thanks to Julia Otto, the team at TGL and their partnership with Ticketmaster. Julia has tirelessly worked to transform this annual event into a global sensation. We extend a big thank you to her for sharing her story and shining a light on the fascinating world of equestrian events. Here’s to many more years of thrilling events and unforgettable fan moments!

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