Ticketmaster Sport won the prestigious Football Business Awards 2023. The company was honoured with the award in the ‘Best Use of Technology in Football’ category, recognising the significant contribution that its innovative Away Ticketing technology has provided to clubs.

“Game-changing for the ticketing industry. Labour light for the back office and huge fan experience growth. A very significant and important development for clubs at all levels to improve service to fans and stadium security. Simple, yet effective, with tangible results for all concerned.”

Football Business Awards 2023 Jury

“To win the Football Business Awards with our Away Ticketing technology is an amazing feeling. Clients have benefited from this technology as it has allowed them to make their events fully digital both for home and away games, which is a major shift in the industry.”

Sean Tucker, Client Account Manager, Ticketmaster Sport UK

”It was an honour to go up on stage to receive the award on behalf of Ticketmaster Sport. It shows our position as a leader in sport ticketing and how we are doing our part to shape the future of football.”

Michael Hardware, Client Account Manager, Ticketmaster Sport UK

”To receive this prestigious award acknowledges all the work and commitment provided by our team both on and off the field. It truly reflects how we thrive for continuous innovation to help clubs tackle the challenges they face in an era more digital than ever.”

Chris Gratton, Managing Director, Ticketmaster Sport UK

Away Ticket fulfilment has traditionally been a challenge, common up and down the country in ticket offices far and wide. Thanks to our away digital ticketing technology where all tickets are sold and fulfilled completely digitally, this headache is now a thing of the past for clients working with Ticketmaster.

Benefits of Away Ticketing for the Home Club:

  • Tickets are fully digital for all fans
  • Physical tickets are no longer necessary
  • Saves time and resource

Benefits of Away Ticketing for the Away Club:

  • No fulfilment or returns of physical stock
  • Each club can turn on mobile wallets
  • Saves time and resource

The accolade serves as a testament to Ticketmaster Sport’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the way fans engage with not only football, but sport in general.