The capabilities of Ticketmaster Sport’s analytical tools are set to get a lot more powerful with the addition of custom-built AI models designed to help teams make better, more-informed decisions about how, when and where they sell and market tickets to their fans. 

Ticketmaster Sport has overlaid client ticket sales data with bespoke performance intelligence supplied by data and analytics experts, Prospect, to transform the way teams fill their venues. 

Teams will be able to use this unique AI solution to analyse variables such as fixture details, team strength, game jeopardy, pricing, onsale window timing, and much more to make accurate predictions to shape future ticketing strategies. 

The interactive interface will also empower users to experiment with ‘what if’ situations to compare actual sales performance against expectations – allowing teams to take data-driven decisions with confidence. 

“Our enhanced offering will deliver rich data that teams can utilise immediately to make informed strategic decisions. Never before has anybody been able to layer on- and off-the-pitch data with ticketing information with such clarity and precision. These are game-changing insights that will take our clients’ ticketing to the next level.”

Chris Gratton, Managing Director, Ticketmaster Sport UK

Ticketmaster’s next-generation analytical tools are already being successfully piloted by the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) and Lincoln City FC, giving them a superior understanding of their data well beyond current-market capabilities.

“We were keen to inject scientific rigour into our decision-making processes, and this innovation from Ticketmaster was just the ticket. These pioneering insights have enabled us to quantify exactly what impacts ticket sales and make moves accordingly – the significance of this can’t be overstated.”

Sian Statton, Head of Marketing at the WRU