The exposure one gets when joining an organisation for the first time after leaving university can provide an insight into the possible directions a career can take. And that’s why I wanted to share the early talent pathways we’ve developed at Ticketmaster, specifically aimed at bringing emerging talent into the organisation.

As Senior Vice President of our Product, Design & PMO teams at Ticketmaster International, it is really important to me that we provide opportunities for emerging talent coming towards the end of their university degree the opportunity to get experience in a global technology company like Ticketmaster. Being one of the Top 10 E-Commerce sites in the world, we provide the platform for fans to buy 484,000,000 tickets every year. My professional career began via a Marketing Internship whilst I was studying my undergraduate degree at university, so I designed our programme based on my own career experience.

Ticketmaster Live Start began a few years ago with a handful of candidates that had a positive impact on the wider and more experienced team. Last year, we hired 11 roles at our International HQ in Central London and our Ticketmaster Sport office in Stoke-on-Trent in:

  • Product Management (Client Experience, Fan Experience & Sports)
  • Product Training
  • Product Design (User Interface Design & User Experience Design)
  • PMO (Project & Programme Management)

In the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing our next annual intake where roles start just after the summer holidays.

The Ticketmaster Live Start internship program aims to expose candidates to the dynamic world of building the operating system for the live entertainment industry. Most importantly, they are 12 months in duration (fixed-term contract), giving enough time to learn our industry, business and products, and, they are paid positions, meaning you don’t have to live like a student anymore. 

The Live Start internships provide on-the-job development, structured training and support with existing team members through coaching and ongoing feedback from professionals who have many years of experience. Interns are able to learn practical real-world experience and get to work on real life products where their work will directly help improve the experience of Ticketmaster’s clients and fans. Experienced professionals at Ticketmaster also learn from the interns throughout the year – we get fresh perspectives and feedback on our products and technology.

We’re proud to have relationships with seven partner universities across the UK, through which we showcase our internship programme to eager students, as well as advertising these opportunities on our careers website,

Ticketmaster continues to invest heavily in our technology, reinforcing our industry leadership position with further advancement of our products. Our success largely depends on having a diverse team with a variety of knowledge, experience, backgrounds, perspectives and are all passionate about achieving our fan and client experience goals. 

We’re unashamedly the opposite of a Bank or Telco. 

Ticketmaster, together with our parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, is the world’s largest live entertainment company. In addition to working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment full of amazing people, you get access to free tickets! We believe the best way to build a better experience for live entertainment fans is to be one. 

You’re responsible for your work/life balance.

Our Unlimited Annual Leave benefit is exactly what it is – you have the complete flexibility to own when you work and when you need to take time off. Unlimited leave is just one of many options that we offer all team members through our award-winning Live Benefits employee programme.

Health and well-being are at the centre of everything we do.

Our Live Well programme reflects that we do things uniquely at Ticketmaster, enabling a commitment to our employees’ health and well-being in and out of the workplace. Live Well focuses around four core pillars: emotional well-being, physical health, nutrition and lifestyle choices. This award-winning initiative touches all team members and I’m proud to be the Executive Ambassador for the programme.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re open-minded, have an ability to learn new things, want to make your mark early in your career, love problem solving and are a good communicator, we want you! Head on over to to find out more about life at Ticketmaster, current openings, where you can apply online for and register your interest for future opportunities. Or, if you know someone who fits the bill, go ahead and share this article. 

Live Start Internship applications will be announced very soon on and applications will only be accepted online.

Words by Troy Suda – Senior Vice President, Product & PMO at Ticketmaster