Sussex Cricket are renewing with Ticketmaster Sport as their ticketing provider for another multi-year contract. The tools and the support Sussex receive were deemed to be the perfect fit for what Sussex need, and the team at Ticketmaster are excited to continue working with the oldest of the eighteen first-class county clubs in England and Wales. 

Martyn Collins, Marketing Manager for Sussex since January 2022 explains that the club felt that the flexibility of the platform was a key asset in its decision to renew. They also wanted to continue “working with a world-renowned company who can provide a platform that is reliable and trusted by customers both new and old. Ticketmaster ticks all of those boxes.”

Collins highlights Ticketmaster’s reporting as invaluable in his efforts to analyse Sussex’s database. In Collins’ words, “the reporting functionality allows all stakeholders to see in real time how each and every matchday is performing.”

From a technical perspective Collins also appreciates the integrations that are possible with Sussex’s own systems: “with the integration with Google Analytics and CRM system there is a smooth and easy way to help us understand who our customers are, what and when they are purchasing. This allows us to be more targeted with our approach whether that be to certain groups or at different times of the day.”

Getting those products in front of their fans is something Ticketmaster partnered with Sussex on at the end of the 2023 season. The team at Ticketmaster ran a paid media test campaign across Google, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The aim was to find out which audiences resonated most with Sussex’s offering when targeting Ticketmaster’s data and the results were fascinating. Lucy Culpin, Digital Marketing Manager at Ticketmaster Sport commented that “the campaigns were a huge success in increasing awareness of, and driving ticket sales for, Sussex’s One Day Cup. During the month-long campaign, we A/B tested creative formats, audience groups and keywords across a mix of paid search and paid social ads to explore which channels resonated with cricket fans.”

Collins is equally enthusiastic about the results saying “when Ticketmaster approached us with the idea of running digital campaigns it was a no-brainer. The audience they have is very closely aligned with our own. Working with Lucy on looking at different ideas gave us the opportunity to be more adventurous and diverse with our targeting.”

Sean Tucker, Senior Client Account Manager who looks after Sussex, comments that “working with Sussex has been an absolute joy. They are incredibly hard-working and always look for the best possible solution that will work best for their fans while keeping their eye on their long-term vision.”

As the 2024 season is around the corner, Ticketmaster is looking forward to helping Sussex Cricket continue maximising the partnership for the benefit of the club and its fans.