Chief executive Matt Williams has been busy working on many issues at Shrewsbury Town since starting his role back in June and believes that the new ticketing system, which will be in effect from the start of next season, will be a relief for both supporters and staff. 

“It will make it easier for fans to book online and then be able to print out their tickets at home which will mean they no longer need to queue at the ticket office.” 

Matt is aware that due to the current protocol, supporters can be left queuing at the ticket office right up to and beyond the kick-off time on a match day, something the new system will eradicate. 

“The ticket office system will allow us to operate a print at home policy, like they do for concerts, so people can simply go online and print their ticket at home. 

“We are going to go to the bar code entry system but we’ve stopped short of having it completely automated as we want to do things in small steps. 

“We are also making changes to the season tickets so that rather than having books there will be season ticket cards, which is always nice to have a bit of blue and amber in your wallet.” 

It is hoped supporters will embrace the new system in the same way the Greenhous Meadow staff have. 

“It will make it easier for us to see who has and hasn’t come to the stadium without having to go through three thousand ticket stubs at the end of a match,” added Matt. 

The system has also been put in place to enable the club to stay in better contact with their supporters, something Matt knows is extremely crucial if the club want to keep current supporters as well as attracting new ones. 

“To me it’s important to have email addresses, phone numbers and date of births so we can keep in contact with our supporters. 

“We can engage fans better in ways such as email and text, which is a lot cheaper and more personal than handing out flyers over the town. 

“People do get out of the habit of going to football and they are difficult to get back once they are out of that habit so we need to make the experience of being here easier, the purchase of tickets easier and at a competitive price, as well as having a good standard of football