As Rotherham United gears up for the 2024/2025 season, they’ve proudly announced Ticketmaster as their exclusive ticketing partner. Cameron Harris, Head of Supporter Services, highlights how Ticketmaster’s ability to provide a “seamless delivery of digital ticketing” will enable the club to “streamline our ticketing strategy” and “deliver a more user-friendly match day experience.”

Digital ticketing is the key to the club’s future plans. Harris further emphasises, “the option to digitalise our Season Ticket product will not only be more convenient for supporters in the modern age, but also reduce queuing times at turnstiles on match days.”

But it’s not just about digital tickets. A smoother checkout process and an overall enhanced ticket-buying journey are equally crucial. Harris explains that “A slicker checkout experience will allow supporters to purchase a ticket, not only more quickly, but also more conveniently. The ability to add a more sophisticated stadium map will mean that fans can be crystal clear on where they are purchasing tickets for within the stadium bowl.”

The benefits extend beyond fans; Harris anticipates that club staff will gain valuable insights by tracking fan seating preferences during the checkout stage.

Moreover, Harris eagerly anticipates leveraging Ticketmaster’s suite of services, including sophisticated marketing tools, to broaden the club’s reach. As Harris explains: “The ability to run sophisticated marketing campaigns will help us to continue to engage the wider community and reach supporters and families who may not have visited us before.”

In Harris’ words, “This partnership will enable us to improve our relationship with supporters as a result of the high-quality product that they will receive from Ticketmaster.”

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