As outlined in our first #Returntolive blog, we highlighted a piece of research @twocircles brought to light discussing the need for effective marketing when returning to live. Fans have been living without their weekly visit to sport and to add, may also have other considerations when deciding when and how to return to attending live sport.

We’ve all seen the stories of people taking up new hobbies, but there are only so many bananabreads and sourdoughs people can make… we all want want fans back where they belong, in their seats!

Marketing efficiently and effectively to fans in this transition period back to live is therefore of upmost importance.

Throughout the downtime we’ve been highlighting the great work our clients and the wider industry have activated including what our rugby teams have been doing to keep fans engaged, also what the stars of our beloved sports teams were doing to keep themselves busy and even creating our own content with quizzes, top 10 lists and much more.

Marketing is something that sets us apart as a ticketing partner and we’ve got numerous case studies of where we’ve helped clubs, tournaments and rights holders in the past but we’re entering a new chapter in the world of live sport.

To help our clients navigate this we’re introducing the TMS performance marketing suite, which sits alongside our existing marketing offering.

Ticketmaster Sport Performance Marketing Suite

In addition to the Ticketmaster owned channels we use for all clients to help support their activity, we have recently introduced our performance marketing suite which includes a host of performance driven paid-for media channels including:

  • Programmatic Advertising – utilising the 79 million browsing fans from alone to run data-rich campaigns.
  • Affiliate Partner Scheme – fully managed affiliate partnership scheme that has over 1,000 partners with an extended reach of 22m+ and is completely performance driven.
  • Social Advertising – Leverage social and booking data to drive fan engagement and ticket sales.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has seen a meteoric rise in popularity because of the control advertisers have over their adverts. Our platform is tried and tested on the Ticketmaster retail platform and the data fuelling our programmatic advertising is one of the largest event buying audiences in the UK. As a result, last year the ROI% of the platform was over 32,000%

Download our 1 sheet outlining the platform


Our affiliate programme supports ticket sales through the ability to list on a number of partner sites both national and local for a negotiated ROI % model. These partners range but are broadly based around the world of media, listings sites, content and employee benefits.

With the 1,000 partners we have on our scheme we’re able to extend our existing audience to over 22 million fans.

Download our 1 sheet explaining the affiliate scheme

Social Advertising

As a part of our performance marketing suite we are offering clients the opportunity to maximise our data by using the facebook advertising platform. Much like the rest of our marketing service, we manage all of the process in-house.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about this unique and extremely powerful proposition.