Where demand outstrips supply, the best solution for any club, tournament or event organiser that wants to a fair method of selection, is through the use of balloting.

As with many challenges that have been presented this year, balloting in the COVID-era is more to do with social distancing than operating at maximum capacity. As sanctions on public gatherings start to ease, we sit with bated breath as an industry to let our fans back into stadiums.

To that end, we wanted to highlight how balloting could help with the return to live.

Think of balloting as a name in the hat draw, controlled electronically with automatic payments and management for the club. The club can process the ballot which randomly selects customers and sells them a seat. Ballots can either be open for all customers to apply or made available only for specific customers that have been made eligible; for example, season ticket holders and / or members.

Where have ballots been used before

Ballots are frequently used within major tournaments and Ticketmaster have helped to deliver some of the biggest ballots in sporting history including the London 2012 Olympics. Other sports aren’t a stranger to ballots with major tournaments in Football like Champions League games ramping up demand within fan groups and from across our client base there are numerous examples of successful ballots.

How we can help

Within all our technology solutions and offers, we’re able to run balloting functions based on supporters applications via the Ticketmaster Pro website.

Paired with our newly introduced scaling tool, we can identify the socially distanced seats within your stadium and implement the ballot for those seats specifically and also selling directly from that plan.

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