We’re excited to announce that we can now offer clients and fans the chance to process all accessibility requirements online.

We have been committed to improving our solutions and making them more user friendly for every person in attendance and we’re pleased to announce its arrival.

To summarise the new release, we’ve broken it down into some key areas but if you’re after more information please feel free to contact us.

No more phone calls!

Fans that require accessible seating will be able to transact completely online. Fans won’t need to contact call centres to provide additional details, the entire purchase and authorisation will now be done through the organisations ticketing site.

Accessibility profile

With repeat purchasers, we are able to securely store the fans accessibility details through the MyAccount functionality. Making it much easier for the fan to log back on and grab the seats they need without having to re-submit their profile. This feature also helps clubs to manage their matchday requirements which has historically been collected through contact centres.

Choose your seat with a companion or carer

Accessible seating will not only be visible on all of our interactive seat maps (ISM) but fans will be able to select these seats for purchasing. Carers and companion seats can be bought in the same transaction along with the input of their details. Ensuring fans aren’t sat in different sections of the stadium to their companion or carer.

Ticketing should be inclusive for all fans and we’re excited that this functionality will help in making the process completely seamless for all fans.

For more information about accessible functionality, please get in contact with us.