With the recent return of Football to the UK and signs of other sports coming back to the table, albeit without fans in stadiums for now, we asked the Ticketmaster Sport team what they were most looking forward to when they are finally able to get back through the doors of their favourite grounds.

Rob Holland, Director, Operations: I can’t wait to get back to Hillsborough with my family and make memories again. The theatre and unpredictability of live sport is unique and I miss it immensely.

Rob Holmes, Client Account Manager: The thing I am most looking forward to is watching Cricket again. As much as I would love it be England I really can’t wait to get back watching Yorkshire and county cricket, that first pint and first ball will be heavenly!

Jayne Maggs, Client Account Manager who was so excited she wrote us a little ditty: Standing shoulder to Shoulder, fever pitch, the thrill of the crowd as Teams take to the pitch. Sharing a beer, the crowd start to roar, canned audience or live, it’s the return of Live Sport!

Chris Gratton, Chief Operating Officer: There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in a full stadium. The atmosphere, the buzz and the excitement of live sport can’t be replicated or replaced which is why people, myself included, love and miss it so much. When somewhere like Twickenham is in full force for a test match, it’s an unbelievable place to be.

David Enstone, Client Account Manager: I’m looking forward to hopefully getting the chance for one last visit to Griffin Park, even if it’s just for an exhibition match. It’s a place that holds so many memories for me, and has a real ‘traditional’ feel to it. It deserves, and I hope it gets, one final ‘hurrah’ before the club moves to the new stadium which I’m equally looking forward to seeing unveiled.

Mike Ashley, Head of Ticketing Operations: I’m looking forward to the final half a mile to the ground! The calls from the fanzine sellers and the merch stalls, people rushing past to meet their family and friends, the smell of the burger vans, the small break out of chants from fans walking up, the excitement from kids dressed in full club colours! And then of course the ultimate experience of the energy from a last minute winner!

Helen Mees, Client Account Manager: I can’t wait to get back to seeing my clients and being part of that buzz of dealing with event day queries! Travelling back from a game, listening to the commentary and opinions on the radio knowing that I’ve played a part in bringing that fan experience together is an amazing feeling.

George Hellens, B2B Sales and Marketing Director: I miss the buzz of attending live sport! I’m Really looking forward to walking up Tottenham High Road towards the stadium to watch Spurs and the NFL when it returns next year. Also, with the sun shining at the moment, I’m also longing for a cold pint watching Surrey at The Kia Oval.

James Lucas, Application Support Specialist: During lockdown I’ve spent a lot of time reading about the wider role that sport has to play in disadvantaged communities. Seeing it back for the good of everyone involved will really be the main reason I’m glad to have it return.