Special offers and promotions can take on many different identities. We listen to what you as our clients would like to do with your promotion and work with you to build and market these deals.

You can let us know how public or private you would like your promotion/offer to be on the Ticketmaster website – Our system can create hidden offers, meaning the promotion would not be made visible on our main site or offers page. This is great for rewarding past bookers or appealing to a select audience. We can also add a promotional code to offers that customers enter in order to gain access to the offer for further protection.

Alternatively having a publicly available offer can give you the capability for some great extra exposure across our website. We have the option of giving offers spotlights on our dedicated special offers page, as well as genre specific pages – as well as other areas depending on the strength of the offer.

Regardless of how public or private an offer is we can offer a range of marketing support along with it, with our extensive data we can send targeted emails to potential bookers alerting them of the promotion and giving them instructions to redeem.  We also have our regional and UK wide ticket alert emails which goes out weekly to subscribers. With over 1 million subscribers in certain regions of the UK, it’s a great way to give promotions great extra exposure and gives ticket sales a boost.

On top of this if you have a chat with us there are also opportunities for your offers to be featured via social media and some of our other different marketing channels.

We like to be open to the special offers you would like to run. Depending on whether you would like to do a percentage discount, a no booking fee discount, 2-4-1, or a cash discount. We want to work with you to makesure  every promotion or offer works for the individual event whilst boosting sales and giving it more exposure.

We have seen very positive results recently  offering customer “No Booking Fees” offers, where product is already in the open market and discounted. Due to the strength of the Ticketmaster brand, offering an incentive of no fees to transact on the Ticketmaster site, maintains a high yield for the producer/promoter, offers the customer a discount and reassurance and peace of mind booking from the World’s largest ticket agent, rather than lesser known brands in the discounting marketplace.

Be it a reason to give an event that little extra push via Ticketmaster channels or a way to reward past bookers we want to help you create and market great special offers.

If you are interested in running an offer via the Ticketmaster offers page then get in touch with our Deals and Promotions sales executive Jodie Wilkinson via jodie.wilkinson@ticketmaster.co.uk to discuss further.