Ticketmaster is proud to report Northampton Saints as the latest sports team to utilise its world-leading 3D Virtual Venue technology.

3D Virtual Venue is a fully integrated purchase experience, offering fans a unique, life-like view of seats within the stadium, including premium areas, when purchasing tickets on any device.

Northampton Saints fans will now be able to have a fully immersive ticket-buying experience by being able to preview seats in the stadium digitally, with a 3D, 360-degree, life-like view from their chosen seats. They will also have the ability to compare seats and know their real-time availability of them. Premium and hospitality can also be added if requested by a customer.

“3D Virtual Venue was designed to allow fans to ‘try before you buy’,” says Steve Korian, Executive Vice President in Business, Strategic Development at Ticketmaster. “The 3D views from every seat enable the ticket buyer to make a more informed purchase decision as they’ve had a chance to experience the seat views.”

Whilst different seat-view technologies have sprouted up across sports and entertainment in recent years, Ticketmaster believes Virtual Venue offers the best seat in the house due to its ticket system integration, pre-eminent technology, and proven returns for its clients.

 “Saints fans will be able to harness our world-leading technology to make sure they have a fully intuitive and integrated ticket-buying experience. It will be easier than ever for people to make sure they are getting the best seats for them.”

Chris Gratton, Managing Director of Ticketmaster Sport

We’re delighted to be able to offer Saints supporters 3D technology on our Ticketmaster ticketing platform. The 3D Virtual Venue functionality will enhance our supporter’s user experience by enabling them to see accurate pitch views when purchasing a ticket.

Laura Percival, Head of Marketing and Ticketing