“Ticketmaster Sport’s focus on providing a smooth customer experience was evident from the get-go”, explains MK Dons‘ Group Finance Director Ryan Gawley as the League Two club partners up with Ticketmaster as its exclusive ticketing provider. 

Gawley elaborates that from his perspective, “the system is incredibly intuitive, making us confident both staff and supporters will find the ticketing experience easier than ever before. As the market leaders, we believe Ticketmaster Sport will provide MK Dons supporters with the best possible tools to buy tickets at Stadium MK.”

Having a provider who can provide a digital ticketing solution was critical to the club’s decision to partner with Ticketmaster. Gawley states, “The workability offered by Ticketmaster’s digital solutions allows fans maximum flexibility, which we feel is an essential component of the modern ticket-buying experience. Digital tickets are undoubtedly the future of the events and sports industries, and we found Ticketmaster’s digital ticket offering extremely impressive.”

Fans themselves are excited to have a new system in place. Gawley states, “Fans have expressed their enthusiasm at being part of a large roster of exciting sporting events.” 

Not only will the system be more accessible for fans, but the ticketing team is also looking forward to the technology. Gawley explains that the system’s “one-stop-shop approach gives us confidence that all ticketing processes can be handled effectively through the system. This will also make resolving any ticketing issues much simpler for our staff.” 

In addition, MK Dons’ “staff are itching to use the new analytical tools at their disposal to access detailed reports and breakdowns on ticket-buying.” This is because the team “will have access to the full suite of data analytics, including the ability to view real-time sales of tickets for away games, which will significantly aid the MK Dons Box Office team when considering sale categories as well as any additional ticket requests. We also expect the increased data on digital ticketing to be beneficial when considering future ticketing strategies, which we believe will, in turn, help to improve our fan engagement.” 

This change means Gawley expects “an increase in online ticket sales” as “fans embrace digital ticketing as the new normal when buying tickets for Stadium MK.”   

Chris Gratton, Managing Director, Ticketmaster Sport, comments: “As the sports world continues to move towards digital ticketing as the norm, we’re pleased that our technology will, among many other advancements, enable MK Dons to improve their fans’ experience on match days.”

MK Dons Chairman Pete Winkelman adds: “Everyone in sport and entertainment is familiar with Ticketmaster and their world-leading system, and for good reason. We’re thrilled to partner with one of the biggest event names to bring the best possible ticketing system to Stadium MK. I’m incredibly excited for the future of this partnership, including the advancements in digital ticketing it can bring to MK Dons supporters.”

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