In the fast-paced world of sports, selecting the right ticketing partner is akin to choosing the perfect jockey for a race. Every decision counts, and for Ascot Racecourse, the past 12 months with Ticketmaster have proven to be a winning streak.

Rob Paddon, Head of Sales at Ascot Racecourse, reflects on the inaugural year of their partnership with Ticketmaster, noting “it’s been a great first 12 months”. 

With a team responsible for driving revenue across various ticketing products, from general admission to experiences and race sponsorships, Ascot’s decision to select Ticketmaster was pivotal. As Paddon notes, Ticketmaster’s approach has been “logical and well thought out… [which] has enlisted trust”, adding “innovation is paired perfectly with a robust service and level of support.”

The switch to Ticketmaster was no small feat, particularly for an event as grand as Royal Ascot, which draws over 250,000 guests for the five day event each year. Paddon adds: “It’s absolutely key that we work in partnership with a ticketing provider that makes the customer journey seamless so that guests are fully focused on having a fantastic day here at the races.”

Ascot Racecourse

In the search for a ticketing solution, Paddon’s priority was clear: streamline the purchasing journey. Beyond the technological capabilities, Paddon highlights Ticketmaster’s invaluable support: “From weekly calls, on-site support from our Account Manager during admission launches and even post-launch support. We have a fantastic relationship with not only our Account Manager but also the wider Client Account Management team.”

That positive relationship extends to the marketing offered by Ticketmaster too: “We have regular contact and support who are hugely supportive of our plans and upcoming events.”

As Paddon and his team prepare for another Royal Ascot in June 2024, Ticketmaster will be there to support one of the world’s most prestigious horse racing events.For more information on how Ticketmaster can help you with your ticketing get in touch here.