Delivering a safe and secure way for fans to attend live sport has never been more important than it is today.

At Ticketmaster, we offer a digital tickets solution as standard and have been able to provide this to our clients for several years. What’s more, we can switch on our digital ticketing solution quickly and easily, either to digital wallet (Google/Apple) or ‘in app’, with minimal fuss.

Digital ticketing has the power to truly transform the fan experience so if you’re thinking of making the switch, here are some of the benefits that digital ticketing can offer you and the fans:

Making Live Sport More Safe and Secure

Know who all your fans are and know who is in your venue as data is captured for all fans. Keeping your fans and staff safe during Covid -19 is a top priority and with current social distancing in place, digital ticketing allows a contactless service keeping everyone at a safe distance.

Improve Efficiency

Digital ticketing helps to reduce fan queries at your box office or through your customer service team and entrance to venues is made easier and as frictionless as possible through scanning a digital ticket.

Smarter Marketing

With data captured for every fan attending, not just the ticket buyer, not only do you get to grow your database but you also get to know more about your fans which can help to increase your reach and make your marketing campaigns more relevant.

Making it Easier for Fans

Fans can purchase and access their tickets quickly and easily in a few simple clicks, storing them securely on a device of their choice.


A key focus for Ticketmaster and many businesses is to reduce our impact on the planet. Non-digital tickets have a carbon footprint and place a significant impact on our environment. Digital tickets reduces the need for excess waste as the ticket is held digitally on fans’ devices.

Hear from some of our clients who are already taking full advantage of our digital ticketing solution.

“For us to be the first club in the U.K. to launch in-app ticketing and in-app season tickets was a huge step for our business. Not only did it mean we were looking to future proof our business from an environmentally friendly angle, but also for the ease of our supporters.”

“To have their ticket on their mobile device makes it so much easier for the fan and especially after the awful pandemic we have all been part of, this has ensured that the touch points for supporters are minimal.”

“We feel that this was an important first step for our club to be more digital and lead the way for future developments we are working on, to eventually be a contactless match day journey.”

Rebecca Edwards-Symmons, Swansea City FC

“We cannot wait to welcome our fans back to the stadium as soon as possible, and when that happens it will be via 100% digital tickets in all home areas of the stadium. Over the last year we have worked closely with Ticketmaster and Fortress to develop a smooth journey from ticket purchase through to stadium access which will allow easy, safe and contactless entry using their smartphone device.”

Ian Murphy, Tottenham Hotspur FC

Want to find out more about Digital ticketing with Ticketmaster? Reach out to your Client Account Manager or alternatively Contact Us for more information.