Approximately 3 years ago we embarked on an extensive review of our CRM procedures as we knew we could sell more tickets by using data analysis alongside our extensive industry knowledge. In late 2012 we built tmAnalytics, a suite of customer intelligence tools incorporating Experian Mosaic profiling. Partnering with Experian helped us to enrich our data by adding the valuable information of demographics and trends in customer behaviour.

This analysis caused a mini revolution at Ticketmaster and how we market to our customers. We moved away from the old-world style of marketing through blanket, standard, mass communications to a targeted, individual, dynamic style of messaging. We aim to get the right message, through the right channel at the right time to our customers. Our profiling and analytics has, also, led to some white papers on the UK landscape in comedy, festivals and theatre. 

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It’s often forgotten that email is still an incredibly powerful marketing tool, if you provide a relevant message. 70% of people start their day by looking at their emails and 47% people end their day by checking their emails, so when you are sending your e-shots and to who are key to increasing sales. Advanced CRM, however, is not just email but SMS, Facebook, Twitter, website personalisation, and push notifications. Getting an understanding of what is possible is key to selling more tickets in the future.

The amount of data available can feel a bit overwhelming but the point is still the same, to sell out shows, concerts, and stadiums. A historical aphorism is that 30% of tickets go unsold each year while 30% of people say “if I had known, I would have gone”. This is what better CRM can do; get the message to these people. I’ll leave you with 3 key points about data…….

  1. Always get access to YOUR data.
  2. Make sure YOU know who can and can’t be contacted
  3. Treat your data as you would any other RESOURCE in your company, as it’s potentially one of your most valuable

……or work with a ticketing partner who can do that for you. This is just the tip of the data iceberg and I’m excited to see what is under the water.

By Simon Roberts, Business Development Manager

About LiveAnalytics:

LiveAnalytics, a division of Ticketmaster International (Live Nation Entertainment), is a provider of consumer insight and business intelligence on events, entertainment and ticketing.

We deliver sophisticated data products and services that help to improve customer retention, maximise ticket sales, and increase upsells. These range from dedicated research resource to access to our International customer database, Live Insight (with more than 60 million individual customer records across 12 markets), with which we produce unique customer insight.

LiveAnalytics, launched in the UK in June 2013, leverages data from Ticketmaster UK’s massive database of 11m plus fans. Overlaid with in-house and licensed demographic data, LiveAnalytics offers information on fan preferences, and ticketing trends to give artists, venues and teams unrivalled insight into how, where and to whom they can sell tickets – and, afterwards, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns while events are still on sale, to optimize results and ROI.