Ticketmaster are delighted to announce Crystal Palace F.C. as the latest Premier League club to be its ticketing provider for the 23/24 season onwards.

Having seen the technological transformation that Ticketmaster implemented for other Premier League clubs, such as Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace have decided that Ticketmaster is the perfect partner to bring the right ticketing technology to its fans.

Through the partnership, Crystal Palace fans will directly benefit from Ticketmaster’s advanced technology, such as 3D Virtual Venue, which will bring Selhurst Park to life in a way customers have not previously experienced when purchasing tickets. From next season, all fans will be able to digitally preview 360 views from across the stadium in real time before they select the seats they want to buy.

Ticketmaster’s technology will also give fans greater control over how they manage their tickets. For fans that cannot make the game, Ticketmaster’s intuitive platform will unlock the ability to digitally transfer tickets to friends and family, and Ticket Exchange will help fans quickly list their tickets for sale.

“We are committed to making ticket and membership transactions even easier for our supporters, as well as improving the experience for new supporters. With the new Main Stand on the horizon, now was the right time to select a new supplier to best meet our supporters’ requirements today and in the future, and we look forward to launching the new platform ahead of the new season.”

Sharon Lacey, COO, Crystal Palace F.C

Making the purchase of tickets quick and easy for fans is essential. To enhance this for the 23/24 season, Crystal Palace fans will have Google and Apple Pay enabled to purchase tickets, amongst a number of other features to ease the buying process.  Ticketmaster’s accessible sales functionality has been designed with all fans in mind so that whatever they need, the platform can accommodate so they can buy a ticket. For non-English speaking fans the platform will also be available in 11 languages, including Spanish, French and German.

“To have a Premier League club like Crystal Palace joining the Ticketmaster family is beyond exciting. Everyone at Ticketmaster is dedicated to making the platform the best possible solution for both the club and the Eagles fans. We’re thrilled to be able to be working with the team to support the Eagles fans ticketing experience so they can do what they love and watch the team at Selhurst Park week in and week out.”

Chris Gratton, Managing Director, Ticketmaster Sport UK

Crystal Palace is the latest Premier League club to be joining the Ticketmaster family, and we are looking forward to working with Crystal Palace to continually improve and upgrade the Eagles’ fan experience from a ticketing perspective.