The organisers wanted to sell the event to capacity in order to prepare for the large numbers due at the stadium for the World Cup so all seats were set up at a 2 for the price of 1 offer. Along with a marketing drive to support this.

  • Spotlights on the Ticketmaster home pages and on sports communications.
  • Dedicated e-shots to carefully selected data to encourage new audiences to purchase.
  • Regular spots across all regions in our Ticket Alert weekly emails.
  • Social Media coverage and features on our offers communications.


  • The sales for this event skyrocketed with the offer allowing the clients to achieve their goal of filling the stadium to capacity.
  • The offer generated the sales of 26,374 tickets due to the strength of the offer alongside the coverage given to it by the marketing team.
  • This gave our clients the ability to successfully trial running a busy international rugby match at this iconic venue.

Steven Berrick – Director of International Sports Investments said,
“We were delighted with the marketing support and services provided by Ticketmaster that helped to secure such an impressive attendance for a rugby event that took place in August on a Bank Holiday.”

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