We are pleased to announce that Bolton Wanderers FC, in conjunction with Ticketmaster, has introduced digital ticketing at the University of Bolton Stadium.

In a move designed to deliver an even better experience for Wanderers supporters, the club has worked closely with Ticketmaster to introduce digital ticketing and season tickets, memberships & individual match tickets which can now be purchased & stored digitally on a mobile device via Apple Wallet and Google Pay. The Digital Ticket is sent alongside the existing Print at Home option and will be available when buying tickets online or over the phone.

Going digital opens up access to a host of benefits for both the club and its supporters. The introduction of digital tickets will directly improve the supporter experience giving easier access to tickets in a few simple clicks, storing their tickets on their device of choice. With the added flexibility, ease and security that this brings, there’s no doubt digital tickets are the future of live football at the University of Bolton Stadium.
Daniel Scott, Ticket Office Manager said:
“We’re very excited to announce digital ticketing at Bolton Wanderers. This new functionality will no doubt improve the customer experience for our supporters. It’s a convenient alternative to the traditional paper ticket. We’re hopeful many of our supporters will opt for this option, helping us reduce the amount of paper tickets we print and help improve supporters’ match day experience. Ticketmaster have created the next generation of Digital Tickets and we’re very happy to begin to use this new Ticketmaster feature.”

Ian Sanders, Director Ticketmaster Sport added:
“We’re delighted that Bolton Wanderers are taking full advantage of the new generation of digital ticketing technology available here at Ticketmaster. The club will now be offering digital tickets for individual matches, season tickets and memberships and join a host of our clients using this feature, which opens up a range of benefits to the club and its fans.”