Case study: Oslo e-Sport festival

Case study: Oslo e-Sport festival

Oslo-based Good Game, are forerunners in the development of esports in Norway, championing the industry from within. Ticketmaster recently partnered with the brand to successfully deliver the Oslo e-Sport festival, an event which saw finals in Rocket League, Counter-Strike, League of Legends and FIFA.

The Timelines:

  • Planning with the client began in March 2019
  • Sales and marketing began on 6 May 2019
  • Event live from 25 – 26 May 2019

What services and expertise were required?

Ticketmaster Norway are fortunate to retain in-house experts in both the esports, events & festival industry which provided the client, Good Game, with a solid partnership from the beginning. In addition to delivering a seamless ticketing solution, the marketing team at Ticketmaster Norway also delivered personalised content and assisted with marketing and sales strategies throughout the entire event lifecycle.

What were the challenges?

We had a short timeline for both programming the event as well as a short sales period. The Ticketmaster team worked diligently side by side with the client in order to best optimise the sales period as well as forming marketing strategies together.

What was unique?

Esports is a huge focus for Ticketmaster and we shared our client’s vision and objectives from the very beginning. At Ticketmaster, fan insight and business intelligence is not only vital in order to better understand fan motivations and purchase behaviours but to help drive further growth long term. Post-event, we delivered a valuable suite of fan insight to include fan demographics, ticketing trends and purchase behaviours to help our client further refine their event and marketing strategies for future events.

The Results:

Ticketmaster Norway has strong brand presence in the market and therefore the majority of ticket sales took place via the dedicated Ticketmaster ticketing page This drove signficant reach for the event and sales were strong.

Tor Steinar Nastad Tangedal, Founder of and Head of Telia League comments; “the biggest challenge for us was the short time between ticket sales and event day. Two weeks is far from ideal, but Ticketmaster took responsibility and helped out as best as they could with marketing support including newsletters, recommendations, social media and other promotional activities which generated great awareness for us”.

Carlina Hitz, Key Account Manager Ticketmaster Norway adds, “A significant competitive advantage for this partnership was Ticketmaster’s well-trusted and renowned brand, both locally and internationally. Our marketing team acted quickly to helped drive awareness and engagement helping to grow sales for our client.”