Case study: Equitana 2019

Case study: Equitana 2019

At Equitana, the equestrian world comes together and with over 1000 horses, 750 exhibitors, 2000 events and 9 shows, it’s simply a must for equestrian lovers. With significant experience in the equestrian industry, Ticketmaster is a proud partner helping to deliver a fantastic fan experience to thousands of equestrian enthusiasts.


  • January 2018 – Extensive planning and event briefing
  • May 2018 – Early promotion & pre-sales began at Equitana Open Air
  • October 2018 – Launch of the official on-sale
  • Equitana 2019 event live 9 – 17 March 2019

What services and expertise were required?

An event of this size requires a broad range of services and Ticketmaster supported Equitana every step of the way. A large volume of access control scanners were required, with differing configurations for the multiple entrances each with their own entrance permissions. Additional assistance was provided to support the many promotional activities including sub-channels and password protected ticket sales. Additionally, Ticketmaster provided a dedicated Equitana fan hotline to ensure fans had a great experience and any queries they had were answered promptly.

What were the challenges?

The scale and complexity of Equitana, with multiple internal events happening at different times, places additional pressure on both the client and the ticketing partner. In total there were 97 different events, so in close cooperation with Equitana, Ticketmaster built different packages, a branded landing page and additional guidance on the Equitana home page to ensure a fan-friendly experience for all.

What was unique to this event?

Ticketmaster is renowned for its expertise within the equestrian industry and, as a strong partner in equestrian ticketing, Ticketmaster Germany was well equipped to help drive sales of the event via Ticketmaster’s marketing channels.

Equitana 2019 also saw the launch of the very first Ticketmaster equestrian networking event bringing together all equestrian promoters, partners and agents to share ideas, best practice, new opportunities, ticketing strategies and to network amongst peers.


A truly international event with over 100,000 tickets sold from multiple International markets.