Ticketmaster Sport interview: Chad Johnson, newly-appointed COO for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Discover Chad’s perspective on the importance of having a ticketing partner like Ticketmaster. As the official ticketing partner of the Jaguars, Ticketmaster understands the customer journey of NFL fans and provides outstanding customer service by being directly embedded within the team.

First of all, congratulations on your new role as COO (Chief Operating Officer) for the 2022-2023 season. With all your experience in sales, ticketing and guest services, could you express the importance of having a ticketing partner like Ticketmaster? 

The benefits of having a ticketing partner like Ticketmaster cannot be understated. We already partner with Ticketmaster domestically, so when it came to taking over all operations for our annual London game in 2023, the Jaguars sought to continue that positive relationship.  Ticketmaster understands the customer journey, particularly that of NFL fans, and is able to provide that consistency that gives fans peace of mind.  In addition, Ticketmaster is a fantastic partner because they provide dedicated customer service. They have a team assigned to the Jaguars that is ready for whatever we might throw at them. 

This year, you celebrated your 10th year anniversary with the JAGS. For the game at Wembley arena vs the Broncos, seats quickly sold out. Is that a surprise you? Do you feel it’s a special feeling for the team to play at Wembley every year?

The Jaguars understand that Wembley Stadium is sacred ground.  It’s the home of English football, has hosted some of the most legendary sporting events and concerts and seats more than 85,000.  The energy there is unique and combined with the NFL’s growing fandom in London, it’s no surprise it was a quick sell out.  In addition, we’ve developed an incredibly strong relationship with the team at Wembley.  They’ve become great partners and we look forward to coming back here annually.  

Back in 2017, you decided to add booking and execution for concerts and events at Daily’s Place (Jacksonville amphitheatre). Then, in 2021, you headed the JAGS content creation in marketing, broadcast, events and management of all stadium operations. Could you explain the importance of these aspects for the club’s brand awareness, reputation and fan engagement?

In the live entertainment space, you are always looking to find new audiences.  When we decided to open Daily’s Place, we gave ourselves the chance to welcome thousands of music-lovers into the Jaguars family.  And vice versa, our football fans were now getting access to 40 more concerts a year in downtown Jacksonville.  That cross promotion has proven successful in the diversification of our fan base over the past few years.  

Could you give the 3 main reasons why Ticketmaster was selected as the official ticketing partner for the JAGS? 

An existing partnership with Ticketmaster domestically gave us confidence in continuing that partnership for our international game.  Not to mention, they manage other NFL games in London and are comfortable working within our framework.  Finally, their outstanding customer service to both our fans and our staff.  They treat us an individual client with the necessary support to ensure our needs are met.

In an era that is more digital than ever, how do you see ticketing evolve in the future of sporting events?

The entire fan experience is now within the palm of your hand.  Personalized content, concession maps, know before you go information and tickets are all right there.  This trend is only going to continue as it gets more and more customized.  The next step is content specific to your purchasing habits.  If you buy a ticket in section 103, let’s recommend one or two concessions nearby that you might like.  The most we treat the customer as an individual through their ticketing choices, the greater connect we can build with our fans.