This week Ticketmaster International’s SVP of Business Operations, Doug Smith, will deliver his famous Life of a Ticket presentation to the visiting students of Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Doug knows ticketing inside and out having worked in the industry for more than 24 years including stints at Leeds United and Manchester City. Doug will run the students through the various multiple stages a ticket goes through to eventually get into the hands of a fan. No doubt all will walk away with a greater appreciation for what goes into this extensive process!

This is the second visit to the Ticketmaster HQ for the University of Amsterdam’s event management program, which aims for both the students and their teachers to gain a greater understanding of the ticketing industry. The visit also supports the student’s studies in sports and event management with insight into the real life ticketing world, which they will be tested on at the end of their trip.

This visit provides a great opportunity for not only the students to learn about something that is not taught in school or at university, but also for Ticketmaster to engage with future talent and offer up the opportunity of gaining a summer position or one day joining Ticketmaster. 


Lecturer Tinie Denton, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences said of the visit:

“Company visits are key to students not only because of the knowledge and experience that is shared with them but also to get an understanding for company culture. By meeting professionals in their work environment students can have a sense of how they would fit in. It definitely helps them to become more self concious and focused in building a relevant network towards a future career”.