We've got the largest ticketing audience in the UK

Looking for half a billion fans?

With over 557 million page views per year and 5.5 million unique visits per month, Ticketmaster.co.uk is an effective way to reach new larger audiences.

The website is split by genre and region, enabling us to place your event in front of customers who are interested in sport  both regionally and nationally.

We will make search and discovery on our site as simple as possible. Customers will be taken to a dedicated landing page for your event. This page can include video, reviews, and recommendations.

We also have a number of guides including sport which brings together all related events under one roof. Our research shows that a genre specific destination point attracts a higher level of visits and engagement.

Our international reach means that we can look to target audiences in 21 markets who may be interested in visiting the UK.

Want to spark more engagement? Let us amplify your campaigns

We get your fans talking

We engage with customers and build communities across Ticketmaster's Facebook, Twitter and other tools such as Instagram and Pinterest. We have also developed a strong team of internal and external online bloggers.

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We also produce content aimed at children to foster stimulating and meaningful experiences for families.  Minimaster features events, blogs and videos, as well as a back-to-school sweepstakes and a social-media gallery.

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Kids, Mums, Dads, everyone is part of our targeted campaigns

Let's talk about offers

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas – whatever the season, our dedicated promotions team can help promote your event to targeted customers based on genre, location and also through partnerships and closed user groups.

Minimaster is a new family initiative that provides a destination for parents and families to seek information and recommendations on child-friendly events. 

We're working with group organisers, social clubs, coach operators, inbound and domestic tour operators and schools

We get big parties

Our Groups business is an effective opportunity to target those responsible for booking tickets for coach parties, social organisers, schools and more.

Marketing includes dedicated online pages, targeted emails and a bimonthly groups guide that includes features and interviews to help build awareness beyond the event itself.