Füchse Berlin

Handball-Bundesliga club Füchse Berlin have announced that they have chosen to extend their partnership with Ticketmaster.

The announcement follows a four-year partnership between top-ranked Füchse Berlin and Ticketmaster which underlines the successful partnership to date.

For Füchse Berlin, entering into a long-term partnership with Ticketmaster in 2014 was another step in professionalisation. The goal at the time was to improve customer service in the long term and to exchange and grow expertise in ticket marketing. It's the achievement of these goals that has paved the way for an early and long-term extension of the existing partnership.

"First of all, we would like to congratulate Füchsen Berlin as a ticket partner for winning the EHF Cup," says Ticketmaster Managing Director Dr. Klaus Zemke on the recent sporting achievements, "and we are proud that we can accompany the success story of the Foxes in recent years, but also in the coming years." The world market leader in ticketing demonstrates, on the one hand, its market position in German professional sports, and on the other hand, its extensive knowledge and expertise in ticketing. "The Foxes stand for continuity and the so-called Foxes family is very important to us," explains Füchse CEO Bob Hanning, "so we are of course pleased to continue working with such a long-time family member."

Above all, sharing ideas and developing new marketing and ticketing ideas is important for both partners. Timo Skrzypski, Sales Director Sports at Ticketmaster, explains: "The Foxes offer a great and thrilling sport and are excellently anchored in the Berlin sports world," to which we can offer our significant expertise and knowledge from the international support of sports events. "Both partners want to work together to develop ideas in the coming years. "This mutual view beyond the horizon, the exchange of ideas, that is what our partnership lives on," adds Hanning, regarding the partnership extension.